• LHS iPod Project Page

    This page will provide ongoing support to the LHS students using the iPod to listen to audio books. This page will continually be updated, so check back each time you have a question!

    Basic Tips:

    Here's the "tip sheet" that was included in the case with your iPod nano (click here to download it instead):
    iPod Tips
    For additional tips and user information click here to download the iPod Nano User Manual
    Warning!!! Warning!!! Do NOT sync your LPS iPod to your home or school computer!! It should only get synced in the library. If you accidentally open iTunes while your iPod is charging, you will get a message like this:
    iTunes error message
    Just click "cancel" and the sync will not commence. Phew! You avoiding losing all of your audiobooks!!


    How to set up your iPod for use (including turning it on, plugging in the earbuds, etc...):  
    How to find your audio books on the iPod (pardon the quality, but its really hard to get good image quality of the tiny iPod screen):
    How to plug in your iPod to a computer for charging: 
    How to eject your iPod from your computer (after charging):