• Camtasia

  • About:

    Camtasia is a screen capture tool.  It can capture audio, video, or both!  It also has built-in editting tools.  In LPS, this tool is used primarily to create video tutorials, such as the videos found in other places on this website. 



    Tips and Tricks:

    • For best recording results - check your screen resolution (through  System Preferences, Displays) before recording
    • 'Adjust Canvas' size to match your screen resolution.  This is typically:
    Camtasia setting image
             To access 'Adjust Canvas' settings, control click in the preview area beside your clip, or
              click the down-arrow on the zoom indicator 
    (%) and select the last option, 'Adjust Canvas'.
             This setting should be the same for all segments within your video.   
    • For a crisp, full-page image, you will want to adjust the Scaling of all clips (using the gear icon) to 100%.
    • For best exporting, simply "export" the by clicking on the "Share" menu and selecting "Export".  Do not use the "Advanced Export" feature, as your video will likely end up with poor resolution. 

    Other Resources:

    • Camtasia is frequently used when "flipping" a classroom.  Techsmith even has a page on their website just for the Flipped Classroom.  You can find it here.