•                                         Units of Study
    Grade Life Physical/Earth Physical/Earth  Big Backyard Walks
    K Life Cycles
    Chicks Hatching Plants and Animals (Discovery Science)
    Magnets (Discovery Science) Investigating Water (EDC)  Plants and Seasonal Changes
    1 Organisms (STC)  Balls and Ramps (Insights) Investigating Light and Shadows (LPS)  Animals in Their Habitats
     2  Life Cycle of Butterflies (STC)  Changes (STC)  Soils (STC)

          Soil        Water, Snow and Ice         A Place for Butterflies

     3  Water In Our World (LPS)  Chemical Tests (STC)  (LPS, Delta)  Colonial Plants Food Chains
     4  Earth's Materials (LPS)  Introduction to Robotics  Animal Adaptations (LPS) Geology of Whipple Hill   Lexington Reservoir
     5 Electric Circuits (STC) and Magnetism  Matter Investigations (TERC) Ecosystem Interactions (LPS) Journaling Ecosystems

    Delta= Delta Science Module   
    = Science and Technology for Children (from Carolina Biological)

    EDC =Insights  
    = LexingtonPublic Schools   *JourneyNorth: www.learner.org/jnorth  
    = Museum of Science


    Karen McCarthy, K-5 Science Coordinator, Central Office, Room 3   

    E-mail: kmccarthy@sch.ci.lexington.ma.us                
    Phone: School –  781-861-2580 ext 210

    Fiorella Meoli, Materials Manager,
    E-mail: fmeoli@sch.ci.lexington.ma.us
    Phone 781-861-2580 ext 242