College recommendation information for the class of 2020

    Steps for requesting a college recommendation from me:

    1. By 6/1/19:  Come to see me to discuss whether I am an appropriate person to write your recommendations.  Most likely, the answer to this question will be yes.
    2. By 7/15/19: Complete the school questionnaire or my own questionnaire: College Recommendation Questionnaire. I am unable to write recommendations for students who send me materials in September. Email me that you've completed it, and tell me how I can access it. Do not give me anything hand-written or I will lose it! If you have trouble downloading the Word document, let me know ASAP
    3. All recommendations will be submitted through Naviance. In the fall, your guidance counselor will explain the procedure for alerting me that it is time to upload your recommendations. It is very important that you send me an email telling me to upload your recommendation. Naviance will not notify me. You need to do it! If you decide to apply to more colleges after the first round, you will need to email me again so I can upload the materials to the additional colleges.
    4. In the unlikely event that Naviance is unable to communicate with a college, you need to come see me at least two weeks before the due date so we can make sure that I am sending the recommendation correctly.
    5. Check to make sure your applications are complete. If somehow a recommendation was not received, let me know as soon as you can, and I will make sure that they get it (even if we have to go back to stamps and envelopes)!
    When you get admitted to colleges:
     Please let me know.  I want to be among the first to congratulate you!