• Training Materials:

    This page has materials to support you in training and supporting the staff at your schools.  Please let us know if there is anything that you would like added to this resource bank.  
    Note:   Many of these files are zipped files and will need to be unzipped in order to view the contents.  To unzip, you should just double-click on the file within its real location (probably your downloads folder).  This will "unzip" the file into a new folder which contains the contents.  This folder will contain multiple files that you can use when training and supporting other teachers at your school.

    LoTTIE Kit:  

    Download file here:  LoTTIE Kit Training Package

    File description:  This "package" contains training materials for the LoTTIE Kits.  It includes an informational/"how-to" sheet, PowerPoint with notes for the presenter, and two BINGO boards for a LoTTIE Kit game.  The PowerPoint is perfect to use at a department meeting.  The BINGO boards are a fun way to get your fellow teachers digging through the LoTTIE kits to learn whats in there. 
    Also:   This is the training video and PowerPoint from the video:

    If you have trouble viewing this video (or would like to show it large on a projection screen) click here

    If you would like to download the PowerPoint presentation from the video, click here


    SETT Framework:  

    Download file here:  SETT Framework Package

    File description:  This "package" contains training materials for the SETT Framework.  It includes two short articles on the SETT Framework, the blank SETT form, Laura's initial SETT form, and Laura's revised SETT form.  This package includes all material that you need to train and support your colleagues in understanding what the SETT Framework is all about.  A great activity to do with these materials would be to complete the blank SETT form on a student they currently work with.  And remember... the SETT Framework isn't just good for figuring out AT solutions, but it can also be helpful in figuring out non-AT solutions. 

    LHS Digital Text iPod Project:  

    Download file here:  LHS Digital Text iPod Project Package

    File description:  This "package" contains training materials for the LHS Digital Text iPod Project.  It includes an informational packet that can be give to teachers, the permission form students/parents need to sign, and the "Tips and Tricks" handout. 

    AT Consideration:  

    Download file here:  AT Consideration Package

    File description:  This "package" contains training materials for the AT Consideration Process.  It includes a blank AT Consideration Form and a Sample (complete) AT Consideration Form.  It also includes a step-by-step outline of the Assistive Technology Assessment process, so that folks can understand where in the process the AT Consideration fits in. 

    AT Continuums:  

    Download file here:  AT Continuum Package

    File description:  This "package" contains training materials for the AT Continuums.  It contains a summary of the AT Continuums for you to use as you explain the continuums to your colleagues.  It also contains one continuum (Spelling) and its corresponding datasheets.  I feel that this is the most straightforward continuum, as you're simply measuring percentage of correctly spelled words, so its the easier continuum to use for training.  This package also contains a "cheatsheet" which generally explains what tools teachers are responsible for implementing within their classrooms and what tools need an AT Assessment in order to be used.