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    Commonly used apps A-F
    Article Library                  Post a topic and teaser - subsequently complete article content is displayed 
    Announcements App      Create announcements specifying duration - display follows duration dates
    Assignment App              Create assignments with due dates - students see future/past due assignments
    Book List App                  Create a book list, with image and text
    Blog App                          Blogs expand student thinking and encourage communication
    Calendar App                   The calendar app requires a full page layout, and could not be showcased here.
    Discussion App               Open a discussion available during a determined period of time
    File Library                       Provide files for easy access / download
    For most apps, you can choose to display or omit the app name ('Lets Blog!' app title is displayed below).
    You can personalize any app name in 'Manage Apps and Layout'). 
    Check them out below.  Read, explore, respond.
    Interactive apps can bring your classroom culture to a digital workspace.
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  • Visual Aids and Enduring Understanding

    Visual Aids and Enduring Understanding

    Think students today are wired differently? They are!More than ever before, students need visual context to helpinvoke their shifting schema, anchor their short/long term memory,make connections within and between topics.

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  • Integrated Studies

    Integrated Studies

    To increase engagement and retention, academic subjects are presented in an interdisciplinary fashion that reflects modern knowledge and society. For instance history, literature, and art can be interwoven and taught through text, images, and sound.

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  • Announcements ...
  • October: Grade 5 Integration Focus!
    Whether you want to incorporate student response devices, start an online discussion, improve your classroom website for greater functionality, or simply ramp up your students' TQ ... contact your ITS to collaborate.
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  • Fastt Math / Fraction Nation Reminders
      Please have your students:
      • login to laptops/desktops as 'student'
      • use Safari as their browser
      • complete a game before exiting
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Let's Blog!

  • What did you think about 'Visual Aids and Enduring Understanding'?

    Posted by Betsy Peterson on 10/6/2012
    Please Read 'Visual Aids and Enduring Understanding', found in the Article Library on this page.
    Share your thoughts / practices / experiences within this page's Blog section before our next class on October 18th. 
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