Finance Office 
The goal of the Finance Office is to support the educational mission of the District by administering the District's Budget, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Fiscal Reporting, Auditing, Grant, and Student Activity functions of the School Department. The Finance Office ensures all laws, policies and procedures pertaining to the financial functions of the District are followed and proper internal controls exist.

Sacha Clavell, Payroll Specialist, 781-861-2580 x68054
Areas of Responsibility:
  • Paycheck questions
  • W-2 generation
  • Salary Data Verification
  • 403b deposit inquiries
  • Schedule change requests
  • Timesheets 
Helpful Forms and Information:
For W-4 witholding elections, please click here
For Direct Deposit information, please click here

Accounts Payable, Grants, and Student Activities
Karyn Gentile, Accounts Payable Clerk, 781-861-2580 x68058
Areas of Responsibility:
  • Authorizations to Pay (Vendors A-L & W-B Mason)
  • Vendor Billing & Payments (Vendors A-L & W-B Mason)
  • New Vendor Requests (Vendors A-L) 
Alex Walker, Accounts Payable Clerk, 781-861-2580 x68057
Areas of Responsibility:
  • Authorizations to Pay (Vendors M-Z)
  • Vendor Billing & Payments (Vendors M-Z)
  • New Vendor Requests (Vendors M-Z) 
Patty Daigle, Finance Clerk, 781-861-2580 x68039
Areas of Responsibility:
  • Requisition Status (<$10,000; operating and capital)
  • Tax Exempt Status Requests
  • W-9 Requests
  • Office Depot Orders
  • US Bank Credit Cards (non-student activities)
  • Ghost Card Requests 
Cathie Carroll, Special Revenue Funds Manager, 781-861-2580 x68059 
Areas of Responsibility:
  • Requisition Status (<$10,000; grants and revolving)
  • Grant Applications, Reconciliations, and Reporting
  • Student Activity Applications, Reconciliations, and Reporting
  • Student Activity Check Requests 
  • US Bank Credit/Debit Cards (student activities)
  • Supplemental Requests 
  • Journal Entries
Helpful Forms and Information: 

Budget Administration
Martha Sybert, Assistant Director of Finance, 781-861-2580 x68056
Areas of Responsibility:
  • Staffing and Expense Budget Inquiries
  • Employee Action Forms
  • Budget Transfers
  • Supplemental Budget Requests
  • Staffing & Expense Budget Requests
  • New District Credit/Debit/Market Basket Card Requests
  • Finance Office Training Opportunities 
 Helpful Forms and Information: 
Last Modified on March 22, 2017