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Welcome to our AT website!  This website was specifically created for parents.  Its a "one stop shop" for all of your AT information, including links to other pages within the LPS website and links to external resources.  At the bottom of this page, you will also find handouts from the SEPAC presentation.  Scroll down the page to see all of the information or use these links to jump ahead:

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Cell Phones:

In considering purchasing a cell phone for your child, these are some things to consider:
  • Visit your local cell phone store to test out phones.  Most places also allow returns within 30-days, so you can "test" at home too.
  • Determine what additional features you want the phone to have.  Would GPS be helpful?  What about Internet access (for viewing bus schedules and looking up other information)? 
  • Consider your budget and if it will be more cost effective to add your child onto your plan or if they should have their own plan.
  • Would a cell phone really be best or would a tablet with 4G better meet your child's needs?
  • Ask yourself, can I help my child learn to use this cell phone?  Is it similar to my cell phone?
Additional resources are found here:

Previous Presentations:

From the SEPAC meeting 2/2013:
  • Click here to download the PowerPoint Presentation
  • Download the AT "pocketmod" and go to this website to learn how to fold it
  • Massachusetts AT Guide:  Access to Learning 
  • This year, we are offering a series of workshops on Assistive Technology for parents.  Details of the workshops, including the handouts given out at the workshops, are posted below:
2013 Parent Training Series:
September 26, 2013
Using Microsoft Word as an AT Writing Tool for Elementary Students
Click here to download the handouts
October 17, 2013
Using Microsoft Word as an AT Writing Tool for Secondary (middle and high school) Students
November 14, 2013
LoTTIE Kits! Low-Tech AT Tools for Elementary Students
December 12, 2013
LoTTIE Kits! Low-Tech AT Tools for Secondary (middle and high school) Students