• Assignments:

    Due for class on April 9th:
    • Introduce yourself on the Course Introduction page of our website.  This page is private, so only the class members can see it.
    • Complete Modules 1-3 of ATStar (the modules are located under the "Learner Course")
    • Blog about it!  (Complete the class discussion blog post found on the ATStar Blog 2013 page)
    • If you need help logging on to ATStar or the course website, watch this video:

    If you are having trouble viewing this video, click here.

    Due for class on May 7th:
    • Complete Modules 4-7 of ATStar
    • Blog about it!
    • Make friends with the previous ATPD participant(s) in your school.  Introduce yourself!  Talk to them about the LoTTIE Kit and learn how its managed and where its stored. 

    Due for class on June 4th:
    • Complete Module 8 of ATStar
    • Blog about it! 
    • Find and print out an additional AT Continuum and add it to your ATPD Binder (you can find all of the Continuums by going to the main Assistive Technology Training website, then click on AT Continuums from the vertical menu on the left)