• Welcome to the Universal Design for Learning and Technology Accommodations for Literacy Instruction:

    student in classroom This course will introduce educators to the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and teach participants how to use the technology available within their schools and programs in order to provide technology accommodations within the general education setting to address literacy across all subject areas. The course will have the following objectives:

    • Understand the fundamental principles of UDL including:
      • Multiple means of expression
      • Multiple means of representation
      • Multiple means of engagement 
    • Demonstrate how the following technology tools can be used to provide UDL:
      • Microsoft tools including Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
      • iPads and "Apps"
      • Multimedia tools, including audio and video recording tools and Discovery Streaming
      • Digital graphic organizers including Inspiration, Kidspiration, and Inspiration Maps
      • Online tools such as the UDL Tech Toolkit and VoiceThread
      • Low-tech tools from the LoTTIE Kits

    Using the navigation menu on the left, you will find the following resources on this page: