• School Site Council 

    Site-Based School Councils (or, "School Councils") are composed of equal numbers of elected teachers and parents, together with the principal and community representatives, generally serving staggered terms. The role of the School Council is to advise the Principal, especially in creating and evaluating the School Improvement Plan. Site-Based Councils were mandated by the Education Reform Act of 1993 as part of the Act’s decentralization of decision-making, but have had a much longer history in Lexington. 

    Under the 1993 Act, the School Improvement Plan is formulated by the Principal to include educational goals for the school consistent with the goals and standards adopted by the Board of Education pursuant to Chapter 69: Section 1D and the educational policies of the District. The Principal assesses the needs of the school in light of those goals and creates a plan to advance those goals, to address the identified needs and to advance student performance. Considerations include: student-teacher ratios, professional development, enhancement of parental involvement in the life of the school; safety, discipline and the establishment of a welcoming school environment characterized by tolerance and respect for all groups; extracurricular activities; means for meeting the diverse learning needs of as many children as possible (including Special Education) and whatever other topics the principal in consultation with Site-Based Council considers appropriate. Each School Improvement Plan is submitted to the School Committee for review and approval every year. The Council is also responsible for identifying individuals responsible for implementation of programs, establishment of timelines and resources for each goal; and the Council is responsible for evaluating and documenting the school’s success in carrying out the annual plan. 

    Estabrook holds regular School Council meetings. Agendas are posted at Town Hall and meeting notices are found in the school newsletter, the Estabrook BUZZ and on the Estabrook School website. Elections are held each spring, and all parents are eligible both to run and vote for the parent representatives; similarly, all teachers are eligible to run and vote for the teacher representatives. Non-members can participate in Site-Based School Council activities by being a member of an ad hoc committee. Parents should contact the Principal, who serves as co-chair, with any questions relating to school policies and programs, the School Improvement Plan, or students’ educational needs.

    The 2016-2017 Estabrook School Site Council Membership:
    Jeffrey LaBroad, Principal / Co-Chair
    Katie O'Hare Gibson, Assistant Principal
    Lori Verity, Grade 2 Teacher
    Katrina Roscoe, Grade 3 Teacher
    Andrea Taddeo, Grade 4 Teacher 
    Martha Lamb, TLP Assistant 
    Pauline Benninga, Parent / Co-Chair
    Hema Gandhi, Parent 
    Pam Hoffman, Community Representative 
    Gretchen Reisig, Parent 
    The 2016-2017 School Site Council Meeting Schedule:
    All meetings are 3:45-5:00 p.m in the Estabrook School Conference Room
    September 19
    October 24
    November 28
    January 23
    February 27
    March 27
    May 1
    June 12