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Apps ... What they look like in action
Seeing apps in action can help provide a better understanding
of ways they might be used on your own site.
Check out some samples of common apps below (H-S).
A brief description is listed for each, then a sample to view is provided below. 
Flex Editor ...
used for content outline
Commonly used apps H-S
Headlines and Features  Link to content articles with specified duration
Link Library App              Share links to websites 
Podcast App                    Share multiple audio files in one app
Q & A App                        Provide commonly asked questions and answers
Site Shortcuts App          Link to other pages within your site - or other sites
For most apps, you can choose to display or omit the app name ('Headlines & Features' app title is displayed below).
You can personalize any app name in 'Manage Apps and Layout'). 
Check them out below.  Read, explore, respond.
Interactive apps can bring your classroom culture to a digital workspace.
Headlines and Features App...
Teaser text helps the user.  Duration dates automatically manage when headlines are displayed.
Click a headline title to read the full text article. 

Headlines & Features

Link Library App...
Share links for student projects, field trips, summer reading, etc.
Provide duration dates for automatic display management. 
Podcast App ...
Use podcasts to allow students to voice opinions (book reviews),
demonstrate their understanding (project reports), promote ideas (persuasive writing projects) and much, much more.
Q&A App ...
Provide duration dates for automatic display management.
  • Do parents volunteer in the library?

    Posted by:
    Yes, we have several shifts open each day for parents to share their skills.
    Light duties include checking in books, checking out books, shelving and helping students locate materials.
    Please stop by and speak with your librarian if this sounds like a job for you!
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Site Shortcuts ...