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    *Bus Stop Change

    If you have a concern about the location of a bus stop please complete the "Bus Stop Change Request Form" and submit it to the Transportation Manager for review. For the safety and well being of all students, bus stop changes should not be made directly with the Bus Driver or with the Bus Company. Please use this form to communicate your concerns. The Transportation Manager will coordinate with the Bus Company, Police, DPW, or other school personnel necessary to make a determination regarding the bus stop.  Please allow five to ten days for response or implementation of any change to our bus routes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is Eligible for a Town Paid School Bus Pass?
    K-6 students living more than two miles from their districted school, as measured from the center line in front of the homeowner's property to the official school bus drop area, will be transported at Town expense.

    K-6 students who live two miles or less from their school and ALL students in Grades 7-12 will NOT be transported at Town expense. Those students wishing to ride the school bus must purchase a bus pass according to the fee schedule, payable in advance, and for the entire year. One way tickets are not available. The only exceptions to this rule are for those students whose Individualized Education Program (IEP) requires special transportation and those who have been approved for financial assistance. Financial Assistance Applications are available for consideration for ALL student fees associated with the Lexington Public Schools including transportation.

    (NEW 9/16/19) What time should my child be at the bus stop? In general LHS routes start at 7:00, Middle School at 7:25, and Elementary at 8:00. We do not post estimates for actual stops along the routes because they can vary from day to day depending on traffic or weather. After the first weeks of school, routes generally settle into a predictable routine and you will be able to count on your bus to arrive within a reasonable 10 minute window. Students should be at the stop 5 minutes before the expected stop time and also be prepared to wait up to 5 minutes after the expected stop time. If, for example, your child is at the first stop of an elementary route, they should arrive at the stop by 7:55 and expect that the bus will arrive between then and 8:05.

    Does my child need a bus pass to board the school bus?
    All Town paid and fee-based students are issued a bus pass that they must show each day upon entering the bus. The pass entitles students a school bus ride to and from school. In the event a student loses a bus pass, a duplicate pass may be obtained from the Transportation Office for a $5.00 replacement fee payable by check or money order (no cash please.)

    Can my child ride home on another bus?
    Only children possessing bus passes may ride on a bus. For liability purposes, as well as safety issues, students may only ride their assigned bus. Transporting to social events, daycare or religious classes is not permitted. We offer a second pass (based on space availability) to students with two households. The cost is referenced in the fee structure of the program.

    Can my child take the bus to Hayden Recreation Center and other after school destinations after school?
    We do not provide transportation to Hayden or other after school programs. Hayden and Empow Studios do have a separate bus for their students. You can contact them directly for more information about availability and cost.

    Can my child bring his/her large instrument or project on the bus?
    Due to the width of the school bus aisle (12" at the knees and 15" at the waist/chest) and the height of the seat backs (44" from the floor to the top of the seat back), no large instruments (e.g., cellos, French horns), large projects or large objects may be brought on the bus. In addition, a child must be able to carry and contain any and all items between his/her legs or on his/her lap. Cellos, French horns, large projects, or other large objects cannot be accommodated in the one seat in which a child is sitting.

    Can my child eat or drink his/her snack on the school bus?
    The safety of students, particularly those who suffer from life threatening allergies, is a major concern. It is because of this that food (including any type of candy or gum) and drinks are strictly prohibited from consumption on the school bus. All food, drink, and candy must remain contained while on the school bus.

    Can I purchase a bus pass later in the year?
    Students who opt to purchase a pass later in the year, provided space is available on the bus, will be required to pay the full dollar amount.

    Who do I contact if I have lost an item on the school bus?
    Please call C&W Transportation 781-862-4747.

    At what point can I request a refund?
    No refund will be issued unless the student unenrolls prior to the start of the school year. Once you register for fee-based transportation, you have agreed to pay the full cost of the seat for the full year, regardless of how often you choose to use this service.

    What precautions are taken to address safety and discipline issues on the bus?
    The School District has installed new audio and video recording devices in all school buses, as required by our contract with C & W Transportation and in direct response to parent concerns about safety and behavior on school buses. The district has always had video recording capability on our buses and rotated a limited number of cameras through the fleet. The new system installed may be more noticeable to students. The use of audio and video use falls under school committee policy.

Last Modified on September 16, 2019