• Welcome to PD-CI-507:  Many Ways to Communicate:  Supporting Students with AAC Needs Across the School Day


    The primary focus of this course will be supporting professionals working with students who have little or no functional speech.  In keeping with the course content recommended by DESE, this course will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of AAC methodologies and implementation strategies.  Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
          ·      Define key AAC and assistive technology (AT)terminology and concepts

    ·      Demonstrate understanding of AT and AT services as described in IDEA 2004

    ·      Demonstrate familiarity with a range AAC devices and tools

    ·      Describe frequently used intervention strategies in the area of AAC

    ·      Identify student characteristics that indicate a need for an AAC assessment

    ·      Describe strategies for collaboration and consideration of AAC needs (including the use of the SETT Framework, Joy ZabalaEd.D.) with the goal of effective implementation of AAC across the student’s day


    While not the primary focus, this course will also address Lexington-specific tools and forms, as well as ways to implement the above-mentioned strategies or tools for general education students who have ELL needs and/or are younger (PK – 2).

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