• Contact Information and Special Events Information

    To contact Ms. Yardley:

    Email:  myardley@sch.ci.lexington.ma.us

    I check my email every day but not always before or during school hours so please notify me of time sensitive information such as dismissal changes by sending a note in your child's Home Folder or by leaving a message in the school office.

    Home Folder: I check your child's Home Folder every day. This is the BEST way to send me information that I need that day. Please be sure to return your child's Home Folder every day.

    Phone: Call 781-860-0012 and leave a message.

    To contact the Harrington School Office:

     Phone:  Call  781-860-0012

    To contact our Head Room Parents:
              Jennifer Gerfen      Email:   candjgerfen@rcn.com       Phone: 781-862-4191
              Seiza Viana            Email:   seizav@icloud.com           Phone: 781-862-1887
    Conference Times and Report Cards:

    We have two scheduled Parent/Teacher conference times at Harrington School:
    Fall: October 28th-November 5th
    Spring: April 6th -April 14th
    Report Cards are issued twice a year: January 29th and June 21st, the last day of school
    I know you want to be part of your Kindergartner's experience at Harrington. I also know you have many demands on your time. I am attempting here to provide you with a list of activities and events to which you are invited this school year. Please know that no one expects you to attend all of these events!!!! They are listed here because you will likely not be able to attend all and may want to plan ahea

    If your time is limited  I would recommend attending the Kindergarten Concert and End of Year Share listed below:

    Kindergarten Concert:  Tuesday, May 3rd   9:00-9:20am

    End of Year Share: One morning in June when children share work with parents. About 45 minutes. Date TBD

    In addition we have some celebrations throughout the year. We need three parent helpers at each celebration. (As celebrations near, more information will be posted on our website) All parents are welcome but, aside from the helpers, not expected to attend:


    Your child’s birthday: You are welcome to come in and read a story but it is not expected. I’ll send home a note close to the birthday.

    Your child’s Important Person Day (to be scheduled) Child shares about self. Parents are welcome to watch but it is not expected.

     Making Playdough at Home: We welcome a fresh batch of playdough or other tactile concoction. If you’re interested in making a batch at home, send me a note and I’ll send home a recipe.