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    Learning Ally is an web-based resource for accessible digital text.  Here is some basic information on this resource:
    • What type of text do you get?  This website allows you to download human voice recordings (similar to audiobooks).
    • Who can use it?  Students must qualify to use this resource. You can find more information about qualifications here
    • How do I read it?  You will need a "daisy reader" to read these special audiobook files.   You can also use the Learning Ally App on an iOS device.  
    • Is there an app?  Yes!  The iOS platform has a great app for Learning Ally.  Its called Learning Ally Audio (found here).  It runs nicely on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and makes the listening process much easier.  Be careful though...  anyone can buy the app, but you can only activate it if you're a current Learning Ally member. 
    • Positive features about this resource:  You will be able to find virtually any currently copyrighted book on this site.  The recordings are human voice recordings, so they usually sound very good.  You can easily navigate through these books, make bookmarks, and more.  Our students also like this resource, as they can listen anywhere, the listen device (and iPod Touch) is small and discrete, and the books are read by real human voices. 
    • Drawbacks about this resource:  The audio files are recorded by volunteers, so each book is usually read by multiple voices.  These audio files are very specific, so though you might want to load them into your iTunes, you can't.  Additionally, the not all of the audio files also provide visual text (this is a new feature for this resource so they're just starting to add text to the files).  Sometimes there will be a delay from when a book is published to when it is available through Learning Ally, as it takes time for a real person to complete the recording.  

    If you have questions about this resource, just ask Rachel Kuberry





        This video shows you basic use of the Learning Ally Audio App on the iPad or iPod touch.  It includes finding the app, opening the app, hearing books read aloud, changing the reading voice, downloading books and more!
        If you have trouble viewing this video, watch it here instead.