• student listening to an audiobook Accessible Digital Text Resources

    Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) are required by IDEA.  To learn more about AIM, check out the National Center on Accessible Instructional Materials.  One component of AIM is Accessible Digital Text - text in specialized formats that can be accessed by students with special needs who cannot access standard text.  These are the most common Accessible Digital Text Resources that we use here in Lexington.  Click on the links to learn more:
    • Bookshare - text on the computer screen read by a text to speech tool
    • Learning Ally - audiobooks read by a read human voice, with or without the text presented on the computer screen
    • Additional Resources - this page of the Assistive Technology Training Center Website has additional resources regarding digital text, including resources that can be accessed by any student (disability not required)
    These Accessible Digital Text Resources may just provide you with the digital text, but you may also need a tool to hear that text read aloud to a student with a reading disability.  For more information on Text to Speech Tools that can do this, click here or on the Text to Speech Tools link on the left.