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    WordQ is a word prediction software used on a Mac or PC computer.  Its very similar to CoWriter, but a little simpler.  Here is some basic information on this tool:
    • What does it do?  This software predicts what you are trying to type as you are typing.  It provides a list of words that it thinks you are trying to type.  You can then click on words from the list and those words will go into the body of your text.  This tool does not stand alone, rather it works on top of any tool you are already using to enter text - Microsoft Word, email, PowerPoint, etc...
    • What type of student benefits from using this tool?  Students that benefit from this tool include students who struggle with spelling, students who type slowly, or students with limited fine motor skills due to a physical disability. 
    • What additional features does this tool have?  WordQ includes less additional features than CoWriter, word prediction software, but sometime simpler is better, right?  These additional features include:
    • Text to speech - WordQ will read text aloud automatically, or you can highlight a selection of text and click the read button.
    • Topic dictionaries - These topic dictionaries are pre-set or customizable and allow you to tell WordQ what topic you're talking about, so it knows the vocabulary better.  For example, if you're typing about bacteria, you should use the bacteria topic dictionary as the vocabulary is rather specific and WordQ will work better if it knows what you're typing about. 
    • Personal dictionaries:  These personal dictionaries are really personal topic dictionaries.  You can create your own dictionaries to tell help WordQ learn new vocabulary!  This is a great option for proper nouns, like your last name, that WordQ might not automatically know. 
    • FlexSpell:  This feature allows WordQ to provide you with word prediction options even when you use "creative" spelling.  For example, if you spell school as skool, WordQ will still predict school!  Though WordQ does include this feature, it it not as robust at CoWriter's FlexSpell feature.
    • Positive features about this tool:  This tool is EASY to use, both for the student and the teacher.  Its plug-and-play!  This tool can also be used in conjunction with other tools you're already using to enter text, such as Microsoft Word or email, therefore student's don't need to use "special" word processors. 
    • Drawbacks about this tool:  This tool does not have the most robust FlexSpell feature, therefore if spelling is too "creative", WordQ may not be able to fix it...

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    Watch a quick overview video of WordQ:
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