• Text to Speech Tools

    students listening to text to speech

    Text to Speech Tools allow students to hear the computer read text aloud.  Many text to speech tools also have additional features, such as note-taking features, annotation tools, highlighters, and more!  These are the most common Text to Speech Tools that we use here in Lexington.  Click on the links to learn more:
    • ReadOutLoud, Bookshare Edition - Free text to speech tool available to students that use Bookshare
    • Microsoft Word - This is a familiar tool to all of us, but can also be used to read and annotate digital text
    • Mac Operating System Text to Speech - This is an accessibility feature built-in to the Mac operating system and available on any Mac computer. 
    • Additional Resources - This page of the Assistive Technology Training Center Website has additional resources for additional, less commonly used text to speech tools
    These Text to Speech Tools just provide you with the tool that does the reading.  What if you don't have the actual digital text for the computer to read?  For more information on finding Accessible Digital Text, click here or on the Accessible Digital Text link on the left.