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    ReadOutLoud is a software application for the Mac or PC computer.  This tool easily reads aloud digital text from Bookshare.  It also includes additional study tools, such as highlighters, a dictionary, and note-taking tools.  Here is some basic information about this tool:
    • What type of text does this read?  This software will only read text on the web or text downloaded from Bookshare.org.  The full ReadOutLoud software, non-Bookshare Edition, will read all digital text. 
    • Who can use it?  Students must qualify to use this software, by qualifying for Bookshare.  Qualification details can be found here.  This tool is very useful for students who cannot read due to a reading disability or visual impairment, or students who cannot manipulate a book due to a physical disability. 
    • So what exactly does ReadOutLoud do?  This software reads the Bookshare text aloud using a computerized text to speech voice.  This software also includes additional features including:
    • Highlighting
    • Dictionary
    • Bookmarking
    • Note-taking
    • Customization of reading voice
    • Visual tracking linked with the reading
    • "Silent" reading, using visual tracking only
    • Bibliography feature
    • Positive features about this resource:  This tool is super easy to use.  It has a clear and logical visual toolbar and has a nice overall visual presentation.  This tool will read any text downloaded from Bookshare. 
    • Drawbacks about this resource:  Some students do not like the "robot voice" of the computerized text to speech.  This tool will only read Bookshare files, so if you want to read a non-Bookshare file, you will need to use a different tool. 

    If you have questions about this resource, just ask Rachel Kuberry



    • Train-in-30-minutes booklet created by the publisher - Download here
    • Full training manual created by the publisher - Open here


    Check out this quick overview video of ReadOutLoud Bookshare Edition:
    For more specific "How-To" Videos, we use the videos that the vendor created.  These videos are short, sweet, and to the point.  Click here to go to their full video website (but be sure to only watch videos with the Bookshare symbol), or click on this links below to jump to a specific video (these videos will pop open in a new window, so you can readily navigate back to this page):