• Additional UDL Resources


    Web Resources:

    • National Center on UDL - This is a national resource with a huge amount of information regarding UDL. Most helpful, is the section on UDL Guidelines, which are a set of guildelines that assist any teacher in incorporating the three prinicipals of UDL into their lessons.
    • CAST - The Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) is located right here in Massachusetts!  The website provides a vast amount of information on UDL, including the digital book: Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age.  This website also includes information on available face-to-face UDL workshops.  
    • UDL at Montgomery County Schools - This is a comprehensive website created by the Montgomery County Public Schools.  It offers excellent resources for learning more about UDL as well as implementing it within your classroom.  This page offers a wide variety of videos of UDL in action in the classroom.  They also offer a "Look Fors" handout that helps you identify what components of UDL to look for in your lessons. 
    • UDL Center at OCALI - This is a resource center based in Ohio.  The website provides a wide variety of information regarding UDL, including videos, handouts, and current research. 
    • UDL Center Channel on YouTube - This YouTube Channel has excellent videos on information regarding UDL, and also includes great videos of UDL in the classroom
    • Interested in learning more about the relationship between UDL and Differentiated Instruction?  Check out this article written by the folks over at CAST. 
    • Need to keep up on the latest technology, including apps and Web 2.0 tools, that can help improve UDL?  Check out this website to read about new UDL tools. 


    Online Class, Modules, or Webinars:

    • CAST's UDL Online Modules - This website offers two online modules on UDL.  Module 1 offers basic information regarding UDL, while Module 2 walks you through incorporating UDL into your lessons.  
    • Montgomery County's UDL Online Module Series - This is a three module series that takes four hours to complete.  The modules are all online and include mini-lectures, handouts, videos, and activities.  Though the material is focused on the curriculum in Virginia, the majority of the information will also apply to Massachusetts, as it is connected to the new Common Core.  You will need to create an account to take the modules, but its free!