• SETT AT Consults

    The SETT AT Consult is based on the SETT Framework developed by Joy Zabala Ed.D.  This framework allows us to structure team-based consideration of Assistive Technology.
    SETT is an acronym referring to:

    S = Student
      *Student strengths
      *Student weaknesses
      *Area of concern
    E = Environment 
      *Rooms arrangement
    T = Tasks
      *What specific thing does the student need to be able to do?
    Still not sure?  Watch this video:
    T = Tools
      *Tools already in environment
      *New, student specific tools
      *Range of low to high tech tools
    The SETT Framework helps focus teams on the individual student, their environment, and the tasks they need to complete, prior to focusing on specific tools. It is an ongoing process and may be revisited several times as the needs of the student, their environment, the tasks, and/or the tools change.  To learn more about the SETT Framework, visit Joy Zabala’s website.
    This process starts with a recommendation from an IEP Team.  Here in Lexington, we use the SETT Framework to guide our SETT AT Consults.  The SETT AT Consult is the process that IEP Teams use to make decisions about assistive technology for individual students with disabilities.  This process starts with the IEP Team completing a SETT AT Consult Request Form, in order to request the services of an AT (or AAC) Specialist.  The Specialist then helps facilitate the SETT process which will include observations of the student, interviews, tool trials, and more!   For more specific information about the SETT AT Consult Process, go to this page of the website. 
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