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About SchoolWires:

SchoolWires is Lexington Public Schools' selected website creation tool.  Each of the 9 schools (and the LPS district) maintain a website presence using SchoolWires.  District educators are encouraged to create their own pages using SchoolWires.
The SchoolWires platform provides a comprehensive set of tools that can be used to create classroom website pages complete with homework assignments, class calendars, link libraries, article libraries and so much more.  Teachers can harness these tools to provide home and project resources for students, informational resources for parents, and collegial sharing of activities and practices.
Topics - presented in a mixture of text and video formats:
List of App Types and their descriptions (PDF). 

          Navigating and signing-in from the LPS website

Exploring the sections of the initial workspace environment

Active vs. Inactive Pages
          Entering Page Layout Mode
          Actions Button
   • Page Options (Rename, Hide from menuing, redirect to another webpage)
   • Get Link - copy web address (URL)
   • Copy / Move / Delete page
   • Set Viewers 

Additional Tabs       3:41 min
Summary Tab
Tools Tab
Viewers and Editors Tab
Statistics Tab
'How Do I?' Help Tab


Viewing Your Pages     2 min

Saving Your Work    2.5 min


Tips and Tricks:
SchoolWires now allows 'inline editing' from the View Page or View Website option.  This can be cumbersome when you want to view your page exactly as a parent or student will see it.  To maintain access to a live/viewable page without these 'edit block' additions, try the following technique.
Open Safari and Sign In to the SchoolWires Site Manager to access your site editing area.
Open Firefox and supply your webpage address; Do not sign in to SchoolWires in Firefox.
Once a change is made and saved from Safari, you can switch to Firefox - refresh the page - and see your new version. 

Other Resources:

        Best Practices PDF (Centricity/School Wires)   
Using your website to support a Flipped Classroom:
A classroom website is frequently used when "flipping" a classroom.  Techsmith has a page on their website just for the Flipped Classroom.  You can find it here.