• AT Implementation Plans

    After teams select the most appropriate tool for the student to use, its time to implement!  To guide the implementation process, we use AT Implementation Plans.  AT Implementation includes details such as when the student should use the AT tool, who trains the student to use the AT tool, where is the AT tool located, what to do if the AT tool stops working, and more!  Given the initial reason for referral and the AT Domain that is being addressed by the AT tool, AT Implementation can look different.   Use the links below to jump ahead to a specific section or scroll down the page to read all of the information on this page:
    Implementation Plan Information by AT Domain:

    Purpose of AT Implementation Plans:

    The purpose of the AT Implementation Plan is to keep all members of the student's AT team on the same page.  The AT Implementation plan is an actual document, similar to a behavior plan, that outlines important aspects of using the student's AT tools.  The AT Implementation Plan is a great communication tool for teams, as it can be shared with all staff working with the student, including assistants, so that all members of the team know how the AT tools should be used. 

    Types of AT Implementation Plans

    In Lexington, we use two different types of AT Implementation Plans:
    Trial AT Implementation Plan:  These Implementation Plans are used to guide an AT Trial.  These Implementation Plans include details specific to a trial, such as information about how the team will determine if the trial is effective or ineffective.  The Trial Implementation Plan will focus primarily on the AT tool that is being trialed.  This Implementation Plan is typically in place for 4-8 weeks. 
    Ongoing AT Implementation Plan:  These Implementation Plans are created after an AT trial, in order to indicate how the AT tools will be used on an ongoing basis.  These Implementation Plans include information about the AT tools from the trial, and also may include information about additional non-AT tools and strategies.  This Implementation Plan is may be updated at anytime, and may be in place for months or even years. 

    Components of AT Implementation Plans

    AT Implementation Plans include a variety of information to guide the team in helping the student to use the AT tools.  AT Implementations Plans all share common features, but may also include additional features based on the needs of the student, needs of the team, and specific AT tools in place. 
    Information that is always included:
    • Purpose/goal of the AT
    • Specific AT Tool/s
    • When to use the tool
    • Location of the tool
    • Responsibilities of team members 
    • Procedural checks including what to do if the student changes or the tool stops working
    Information that is sometimes included:
    • Trial information:
    • Non-AT tools and additional strategies
    • Training information for the student and/or team

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is the AT Implementation Plan developed?  An AT Specialist typically facilitates this process with the student's team.  The AT Specialist meets with the student's liaison (and other applicable team members), and asks questions regarding how the AT tool will be used.  With the guidance of the AT Specialist, the team develops the AT Implementation Plan.  The AT Specialist will then typically create the actual document and then send it to the liaison for review.  
    Is the AT Implementation Plan part of the IEP?  No, the AT Implementation Plan is not part of the IEP.  If the team determines that the student requires the AT tool for FAPE, they may document the tool within the PLEPS of the IEP. 
    Do the parents get a copy of the AT Implementation Plan?  Yes!  After the Ongoing AT Implementation Plan is drafted, the student's liaison sends a copy home to the parents. 
    What if the AT tool stops meeting the student's needs?   This will be outlined on the student's AT Implementation Plan, but usually the team just needs to contact the student's AT Specialist. 
    What if the student undergoes a dramatic change, such as a change in placement?   This will also be outlined on the student's AT Implementation Plan, but usually the team just needs to contact the student's AT Specialist. 

    Blank AT Implementation Plans

     AT for Expressive Communication
    (this is AAC)
     When using one or two tools
     Sample Implementation Plan
     When using three or more tools
     Sample Implementation Plan 

    Implementation Plan Information by AT Domain:

    Composing Written Material

    How students organize their writing
  • Expressive Communication
  • How students communicate expressively

  •  Sample Materials
     Trainings/Handouts Data Collection
     AAC Implementation Binder Forms:
    ALgS Strategies
     Least to Most Prompting
     ALgS Data
    Expressive Data