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    PhotoBooth is a tool within the Macintosh iLife suite that allows the user to capture still images or videos using the built-in iSight camera.
    The program offers a host of effects and features, allowing the creation of anything from a simple headshot, to an elaborate video 'on location'.
    Here are some samples and ideas for use:
     Sample Effect / Set-up Project Ideas
    straight shot
    You can set-up a classroom 'kiosk' using the PhotoBooth software straight still camera mode.
    This will take a DMV 
    type (albeit better looking) photo.

    Take photos of students on the first day of school (to place on the wall with names, on desks, etc..
    Students can see themselves on the screen - and review the photo once it's taken.
    A photo kiosk can be set-up in this way for students to capture images of their artwork as well. 
    straight shot
    Just as you can set-up a still camera kiosk above, you can set-up a live video recording center,
    Take Videos of Students
    Have students record their thoughts, themselves reading a passage or book, acting out a scene in Readers' Theater, demonstrating a skills, solving a problem, working out a social situation, whatever you might want to capture. 
    Use a provided 
    Backdrop Effect
    backdrop image
    or drag in one of your own.
    effects drag image
    Place students
    'in the action' ...
    on a planet,
    within the pages of a book,
    immerse them in anything they are studying.  
    They can be 'inside a pyramid,
    on an ocean reef,
    in another country,
    in another time.
    Be a Weather Man
    Use the Backdrop Effect under the video camera option to drag in a weather map. 
    Have students demonstrate their understanding of weather patterns and fronts by creating a mock weather cast. 
     Be a Reportereiffel tower photobooth image Use the Backdrop effect under the video camera option to bring in any background that relates to current student learning. 
    Used with the video camera, students can create a 'newscast segment', commercial, book trailer, live action report, the sky's the limit!

    Caveat:  The software is set-up to capture mirror image (so you look normal as you view yourself).  This is fine as long as you don't want to capture text.   
    You can flip the resulting images (going forward) by selecting Edit from the top menu, then checking Auto Flip New Photos.



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