• Welcome to Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry!


    Course Description


    (From the LHS Course Catalog)

    “This course provides an extension of Algebra 2 and a beginning study of more advanced topics in algebra including probability and statistics, number theory and some discrete mathematics.  The course includes a thorough treatment of trigonometry.  This is a course for students who wish to reinforce their knowledge of algebra and to gain an appreciation for trigonometry in preparation for further mathematics study.”


    This course will give students the firm mathematical foundation needed to succeed in future math and science courses as well as the confidence to competently apply mathematics to real world situations.  The precise topic coverage is outlined in the LHS Program of Studies.  Two major focuses of the course will be:


                1.             Applications and problem solving.  To many, mathematics seems very abstract and disconnected to everyday life.  We'll work hard on developing problem solving skills to apply to real-world problems so you can experience the various ways mathematics is important to our lives.


          2.             Repetition and skill development.  Everyone knows that it takes practice to be really good at anything. Any work I give you will not be "busy work," but rather work designed to hone some skill we actually need.  This course also may not be easy for you, but you will always be given the time and support to successfully complete any challenge I put before you.




    • You are not required to bring a textbook to class, but you must have your unit book with you every day. 
    • Graphing calculators will be used daily in class and for homework.  The Mathematics Department strongly recommends owning a graphing calculator.  Students who do not already have one are encouraged to buy a TI-83 or TI-84.  If there is a financial need in your family, you may loan a calculator by picking up a “Loaner Form” in Room 711.  Be very careful with your calculators – see me about engraving your name on your calculator.
    • A positive attitude is required every day.  Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference!




    The quarter grade in this course is based on four major elements: homework, classwork, quizzes, and tests.  Your quarter grade is calculated by adding up all of the grades you have earned and dividing by the total number of points possible.


    Homework is an important part of this class.  Take advantage of that fact by completing your assignments in a timely manner.  Daily warm-ups will count as part of the classwork grade.  It is important to be on time to class so that you will have the full amount of time available for the warm-up.


    Teachers are allowed to reduce quarter grades for tardiness.  Be on time!


    Classroom Expectations


    • Be on time and avoid absences – you cannot learn if you are not here.  I will follow the LHS attendance policy.
    • Check the class website whenever you miss class
    •     If you have an excused absence from class, you are responsible for asking me about missed work the day you return to school.  Any work that was due when you were out needs to be turned in the day you return.
    •  If you have an excused absence on the day of a test or quiz, you will need to speak with me the day you return to schedule the make-up. For school-sponsored absences such as field trips, you will need to arrange to take the assessment before the absence.
    • According to school policy, if you have an unexcused absence, then make-up work, tests, or quizzes that you missed will be given a failing grade.
    • If you need to leave the room, please ask me first.  If your trips are too frequent I may ask you to make up the time after school.
    • Cell phones are not allowed in class, unless otherwise specified



    Getting Help


    If you feel confused about a topic, need some extra explanation, or just have a quick question, make the time to get extra help as soon as possible.  It is not a good idea to hold on to all of your questions until the day (or two) before a test.  Many students seek help on these days, and it is more likely to be a group-help session, rather than individual, one-on-one help.


    • I am available for help nearly every day after school in the math office (room 713), and sometimes during the school day (blocks B, D, and E). 
    • To be sure I can help you on the day and time you want please make an appointment with me in advance.



    Contacting the Teacher


    • Parents and students should feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about the course.  The best method is to email mlifrieri@sch.ci.lexington.ma.us
    • Homework assignments can be found on my website:




    This year is going to be great!

    Stay positive and involved and we will have a lot of fun

    while learning the next level of mathematics.