Welcome to 8th Grade Physical Science
    Weekly homework posted in table below.

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    Feel free to email me anytime at jconnard@lexingtonma.org 


    CPO Science Book Access 
    Notetaking "Rules" 
    - Take 2-3 bullet points per textbook heading
    -Focus on Main Ideas
    -Take notes on images and figures as well as text. 





    Last Week HW due Monday 



    None- see you Tuesday 



    Monday  HW



    None- see you Tuesday 



    Tuesday HW


    Watch Balanced and Unbalanced forces Edpuzzle that is posted in google classroom. 

    Wednesday HW


    Due Friday - Completed slideshow for Forces on Mars project so that you can record your screencast. 


    Forces Test on Tuesday - Review guides will be given out on Thursday in class.   




     Thursday  HW



     Friday   HW