Welcome to 8th Grade Physical Science
Weekly homework posted in table below.

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CPO Science Book Access 
   Username:  discovery313
   Password: sciencebook                  
Directions: 1. Click the green tab to log in as a Student
                 2. Type in user name and password (posted above). 
                 3. Click on the CPO book Physical Science.
                 4. Click on Student Edition and choose Student Edition Mobile.
                 5. Type page you were assigned to read in the box at the top. 



Last Week HW due Monday 



Bring in textbook


Monday 6/19 HW



Bring in textbook

Tuesday 6/20 HW


Bring in Textbook


Wednesday HW 6/21


Bring in text books 


 Thursday 6/8 HW
Have a great summer!
 Friday 6/9   HW