• LPS  Notification System
    Lexington Public Schools (LPS) has moved to a new high-speed parent notification system called Blackboard Connect 5i, a service of Blackboard, Inc. LPS will use Blackboard Connect 5i to quickly and effectively keep parents and guardians of LPS students, as well as faculty and staff, informed of both routine and emergency information that impacts LPS students and campuses.
    LPS will use the Blackboard Connect 5i system to keep you informed of routine notices and announcements by telephone calls and emails.  For in-school emergencies that occur during the school day, text messages will be sent. 
    As an extra tool to keep our students safe, LPS in coordination with the Lexington Police Department, may also use Blackboard Connect 5i for emergency situations if and when the need arises to notify you of lockdowns, intruders on campus, abductions, school violence, and rumor abatement as needed or required. 
    Please note: If you have previously provided your contact information to LPS during your student’s registration for the 2015-2016 school year, you have automatically been added to receive notifications from LPS. If you are unsure of whether your information is in the database or would like to add additional contact information, please contact your child’s school office. 
    This new system will make calls and send emails to both parents/guardians. Please make sure that emails are read and shared with family and household members as appropriate.  Please consider employer email policies before providing us with work email addresses. The same email address can be put into both parent contact fields. Only one email will be sent by the system, if both have the same email address.
    Identifying Notifications
    All notifications delivered from LPS will be delivered by the school or district office main telephone number, or email from noreply@lexingtonma.org  Please check your “Junk” email boxes and save noreply@lexingtonma.org  in your email contact list under Lexington Public Schools. There may be occasions when individual building Principals will send emails to families, and will include their Lexington Schools email address.
    All parents and guardians of LPS students are encouraged to save your child’s school and district telephone (781-861-2580 is the district number) in their phone’s contacts to ensure the number is recognized and answered. The Blackboard Connect 5i system will deliver a voice message to an answering device if the call is missed. Please be aware that an emergency message that is sent out via text message will display a number. This number can change depending on the service provider. All emergency text messages that are sent will be prefaced informing you that it is a text from LPS.
    The town of Lexington will continue to use  CodeRED for notifications initiated by Lexington public safety officials for both general and emergency notifications.  . For more information on the please visit the town's web site  or click on this link  town’s emergency notification service