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                  Receipt Confirmation and Training Certification REQUIRED

Below please find the email I received from Donna Hooper, Town Clerk, Town of Lexington, which provides all school and town employees with instructions for completing required ethics training.  Please review these instructions carefully and complete the requirement by no later than Friday, October 4, 2013.
Robert Harris
Asst. Superintendent for Human Resources

 From Donna M. Hooper, Lexington Town Clerk
All municipal employees, and the many volunteers involved in municipal government, as defined by the Conflict of Interest Law, MGL c.268A, are required to abide by the standards of conduct as set forth by the Massachusetts Ethics Commission.    For the purposes of this law, and established requirements, the term MUNICIPAL includes school and town employees and board/committee volunteers.

The Massachusetts Ethics Commission has established procedures to ensure compliance with the Ethics Reform Law, Chapter 28 of the Acts of 2009, which imposes mandatory education and training requirements upon public employers and public employees.  Requirements include:

1.  The Summary of the Conflict of Interest Law prepared by the Ethics Commission must be provided annually to every employee for which all employees must confirm receipt of such summary to the Town Clerk;

2.   Every two years, employees must complete the online training program prepared by the Ethics Commission FALL 2013 IS THE 2-YR CYCLE for ALL municipal employees/board-committee members to complete on-line training, and;

3.  All records of these requirements must be retained for 6 years.

The 2013 Summary of the Conflict of Interest Law for Municipal Employees, prepared by the Massachusetts Ethics Commission, provides an overview of the key points for all employees and volunteers.
As required, please confirm receipt of the attached summary by emailing, and typing ?receipt confirmation? in the subject field.

Please include your full name and Lexington Public Schools in the text of your receipt confirmation.

On-Line Training Update 
Changes to on-line training, found at require school/municipal employees/volunteers to complete the MUNICIPAL Employee training for all training completed since December 2012.

The current on-line training has been updated to pertain ONLY TO municipal/school employees.   Employees must complete training(s) for every level of government in which they are involved.  Municipal employees must complete the MUNICIPAL employee training every two years.  If your training was completed, and certificate issued, before Fall 2012 your training is not current and must be completed immediately.  A copy of the newly issued training certificate must then be submitted to the Lexington Town Clerk.  The municipal training module must be completed for all training since December 2012.  Any training completed before December 2012 for the 2012-2104 training cycle may be the joint state/municipal training program.

Tips On Training:  On-line training may be accessed at:

[If using a computer to which you do not have exclusive access, open internet browser, click on "Tools," then "Internet Options," select the "Delete Cookies" option and click "OK "]

After completing the program, each employee should print out two copies of the completion certificate, one to keep and one to send to the Lexington Town Clerk.
If you are using a MAC computer, you can create a pdf of your certificate electronically.  (Simply go to print document - in lower left corner select PDF button, chose "Save as PDF" option.  You can then either print or attach your certificate to submit to the town.  You now have an electronic version that you can keep for your records.

A completed copy of the training certificate must be forwarded to , fax to 781-861-2754, or mail to  Town Clerk, 1625 Massachusetts Ave., Lexington, MA  02420.


  If you have any questions on education and training requirements please contact the Town Clerk's Office at 781-862-0500 x270 or email