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    April 1, 2019

    English: Ms. Kirigin

    Due Wednesday 4/3:

    Reflection in Google Classroom


    World Geo: Mr. Dube

    Due Tuesday 4/2:

    Read chapters 13-15 in A Long Walk to Water and take notes as you read

    Weekly Check-in for week of 3/24 for Self-Directed Groups

    5 Paragraph essay revision

    Due Wednesday 4/3:

    A Long Walk to Water- finished

    Due Monday 4/8:

    Weekly Check-in for week of 3/31 for Self-Directed Groups

    Africa? What About it?

    1. Read, using RCG, the African Colonialism Reading (There needs to be margin notes). This needs to be done on the doc using Google R&W and Comments - YOU WILL TURN THIS IN
    2. Answer the questions (AT LEAST 3 sentences per answer) on the African Colonialism Reading Questions Doc. - YOU WILL TURN THIS IN
    3. Look at the Africa Land Use Map - make 3 observations in your notebook.
    4. View the Colonization of Africa Slideshow - write down 6 questions and/or observations in your notebook. (You should have AT LEAST that many).
    5. Mr. Dube will give one bonus point (extra credit to be used on any assignment) for anyone that, in a comment when you turn the 2 docs in, what the connection is between colonization and Tarzan. This should be at least 6 sentences.
    You will be discussing this on Tuesday, April 9th. That's the day after the due date.


    Science: Mr. Carter

    Due Wednesday 4/3:



    Math: Mrs. Foss

    Moving Straight Ahead book

    Due Wednesday 4/3: