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        iPad Accessibility

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    iPad has an amazing screen reader along with other innovative accessibility features that make it easier to use for those who have vision impairments.

    VoiceOver – Touch the screen to hear what’s under your finger, then gesture to control your device. Enabled for most apps.


    Zoom – Zoom is a built-in magnifier that works wherever you are in iOS, as well as most apps. A simple double-tap with three fingers and you instantly zoom in 200%. Once zoomed in you can still use the same navigation gestures and even VoiceOver. Users can adjust the zoom between 100% - 500%.


    Large Text – Increase the font size in your iOS apps (e.g. Mail, Notes) up to 56 points.

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    Invert Colors – Set your colors for high contrast by inverting the colors onscreen. Once the colors have been set up, the settings will be applied system-wide, including video.

    Speak Selection – Use speak selection to read most text on your iPad including email, web pages and books. Highlight text, tap Speak and have the text read to you. Adjust the voice’s dialect and speaking rate and even have words highlighted as they’re being read to suit your needs.

    Speak Auto-text – Automatically speak auto-corrections and auto capitalizations as you type.

    Siri – Apple’s “intelligent assistant” enables users to use speech to text capabilities in most apps. Tap the microphone button on the keyboard to dictate your text. Alternatively, you can tap and hold the home button to activate Siri’s assistant. Siri can answer simple questions and complete some tasks like setting reminders. It is integrated with VoiceOver. For examples of questions/tasks that Siri can complete

    Click here for more information on Siri for iPad



    Mono Audio – Don’t miss audio if you are using headphones. iOS can play both audio channels in both ears or let you adjust the balance for greater volume in either ear.


    Closed Caption – Watch videos and podcasts downloaded directly from iTunes or iTunes U with closed captions. Alternatively you can watch videos on YouTube with closed caption

    Click here for more information on Closed Caption for YouTube


    touch screen

      Physical & Motor

    Assistive Touch – If you have difficulty with some iOS gestures, you can customize how you interact with the iPad using the Assistive Touch feature.

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      Learning & Focus

    Guided Access – Help students with attention or sensory challenges stay focused with Guided Access. A Parent or teacher can limit access to a particular app or restrict touch on certain areas of the screen to prevent wandering.