ELMO Document Camera


ELMO image

An ELMO document camera lets you place a document or 3-dimensional object underneath it's lens, and display the image through the classroom's large screen LCD projector.
This is helpful in a host of ways, here are just a few ... 
 Feature  Ideas for use
Zoomed View
Helpful for students with visual impairment.
Use as a macroscope during science class. 
Can be used in Top-down fashion, or bent down to view objects from the side. 
Demonstrate Process 
Supports Student Independence
Demonstrate use of measurement tools, electronics, manipulatives,  prior to student use.
Demonstrate science experiment whole-class before embarking on team work. 
Display Text
Display Information that is specific to the current  activity - but doesn't need to remain posted throughout other portions of the day.
Language and Content Objectives
Activity Groups  
Share Student Exemplars
         Focus Questions
Current Events articles / Primary Source documents 
Dictionary, Thesaurus Skills
Table of Contents, Glossary, Copyright information 
Display 3D ObjectShow and Tell of fragile items
Display Student Art  Have students present / explain
Picture Books
Charts and Maps
Model WritingExplain Thought Process, outline sentence and paragraph structure, etc.
Elmo Overview - Grand Valley State University
Creative Ways to Use the ELMO -  Boise State University
Lots of great ideas.


Other Resources: 

Image Mate Software enhances your options with the ELMO.
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