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    ELMO image

    Image Mate software works with your ELMO document camera.image mate icon

    This software is shipped with your camera, and allows you to capture anything within your ELMO 'view' - directly to your computer.

    This is helpful in a host of ways, here are just a few ... 
     Classroom Use  Project Ideas
    Still Photo Capture
    Save an image of an object.
    Take photos of students on the first day of school (to place on the wall with names, on desks, etc..)
    Capture 'Show and Tell' objects for later discussions
    Capture class notes for later review 
    Capture Project Item for later writing prompt or invoking schema 
    Video Recording 
    Record action over  time. 
    Take Videos of Students
    Have students record their thoughts, themselves reading a passage or book, acting out a scene in Readers' Theater, demonstrating a skills, solving a problem, working out a social situation, whatever you might want to capture. 
    Capture a Science Experiment for student review 
    Capture Time Lapse Footage
    Capture Experiment Results over time
    Plants growing
    Petri dish developments
    Measure trajectory
    What you'll Need

    ELMO powered on
    Grey USB cable from ELMO to computer
    ELMO USB mode set to Application
    (via ELMO menu) 
    Image Mate software installed on computer
    Image Mate software running

    Annotating ELMO Images
    An Image Mate captured image can be annotated in multiple ways.
    SmartBoard or Smart Projection users can use their floating tools with Ink Aware functionality directly with the live feed window.  
    SmartBoard or Smart Projection users can also use the Smart Capture Toolbar to place an image in Notebook - and use the inline Notebook tools.
    ELMO Users without an interactive system can also use Notebook
    software and use the Notebook toolbar tools to annotate.
               ImageMate with SMART Ink
    Other Resources: 
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     From the Elmo Corporation:  Using ELMO with Smart Notebook