• A Little Something to Explore
    Between our Workshop Sessions...
    Our first session focussed on editing tools and your new template. 
    Our second session will expand our thinking into using additional tools to create a richer website experience.
    Please review the common app types (shared via samples and descriptions on the 4 pages linked below) before our next meeting.
          App Samples A-F 

    NOT REQUIRED ... but for those who want to review some of what we learned and maybe learn a little bit more ... 
          Self-Paced Resource (text based)
    Explore each of the SchoolWires Editor Tools
    Consider ways to Manage Viewability of your pages
    Options for Uploading files (individually vs. many at once) 
    Inserting items (clipart, photos, links to documents, etc.) 
          Self-Paced Resource (text based)
    Navigating using the breadcrumb trail
    Understanding the workspace tabs
    Understanding and changing the page layout and apps
    Comfortability with Summary Tab/Page Actions/Organize Pages