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    Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design, screencasting, and interactive whiteboard tool that lets you annotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere.

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    Explain Everything is an iPad whiteboarding app that can be used by teachers and students alike.  Its easy-to-use interface can be used to create and share tutorials, collaborate and develop ideas, and create live or recorded presentations.
    Teachers can use it to flip their classroom instruction - and offer instructional modules that can be viewed anytime/anywhere (prior to class, for review, etc.) 
    Students can use it to 
    demonstrate their understanding of a topic or to collaborate with others.
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     Goal  Logistics
    Student - Individual
    Demonstrate Conceptual Understanding 
    21st Century  - Presentation Skill 
    1:1 availability; cart use 
    Students - Group 21st Century - Collaboration
    Students save and share their work as projects - allowing continued editing and refinement.
    Google Drive allows for sharing of both products and projects. 
    Teacher - Instruction Use interface to create instructional videos to flip classroom - or provide reflection / reference materials
    Screencast instructional piece (similar to Khan Academy, etc.).
    Export as movie - and post to website for student review prior to class or exam. 
    Teacher could provide template file to get students started (including data / graph, etc.) then allow students to screencast their own analysis and understanding.
    Create screencast and export as project.  Share file with students via Google Drive.
    Teacher - Feedback
    Provide audio feedback that students can access while viewing their product.
    Could be used as an embedded support for ongoing projects - or feedback on completed work. 
    Insert student media (video) in an Explain Everything project - to allow for quick voice over feedback.  




    Quick App Overview (for students)   (2 min)


    Review Tools and Navigation   (11 min)

    Project Samples:

    Animated Scene (Andes example)   (7 min)


    Demonstration of Understanding (Northern Lights example)   (16 min)


    Other Resources: 

    Click here to read an Edutech Blog article on Explain Everything use in the classroom.
    Click here for a collection of video tutorials from Explain Everything - that show the following commonly used features of the app:   

    Mirroring the screen using AirPlay
    How to mirror the iPad’s screen using a WiFi connection and AirPlay (eg. an Apple TV connected to an external monitor).

    How to export video to a cloud source
    How to export your screencast as a video to a cloud source (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote or a WebDav repository).

    How to create a presentation using a PDF file
    How to insert an object (eg. a PDF document) and use it within a screencast.

    How to export a video and transfer it to a Mac computer
    The tutorial shows how to transfer your video from iPad Photo Roll to a Mac Computer.

    Compress your projects using the Mac OS X EE Compressor
    This tutorial illustrates how screencasts, created on your iPad, can be converted to movie files on a Mac computer. The video shows the workflow of transferring a file to the computer and how the Explain Everything Compressor for Mac can be used to compress files.

    Recording a screencast containing video
    Since version 2.0, Explain Everything allows to use video objects in your screencasts together with live video capture during recording. This tutorial demonstrates how to use these features.

    Arranging and grouping objects
    The inspector tool allows you to join objects into groups (to move them together), set them as background, copy & paste or change their hierarchy.

    How to delete and merge projects
    This tutorial shows how two projects can be merged together – and how to delete a project.
    Recording a website
    This tutorial shows how to use browser within Explain Everything. You can manipulate, annotate pages withint your browser in order to explain anything concerning webpage content.

    Using timeline
    Each activity performed during the recording of a screencast will be displayed in the timeline. The markers in the timeline are there to help you see the objects, animations and drawings in your recording.

    Click here to download a free Mac Explain Everything viewer.