• Website Tour...
    What the World Sees, & Behind the Scenes 
    Let's take a look at an existing Lexington website - then look at the same website from the SchoolWires editing interface.
    We'll take a look at how a teacher navigates to edit/maintain their site.
    Viewing these Video Clips:
    You can click the play button on any video to watch it on this page.  (easiest)
    You can click the blue link above each video, to download and view a copy in a separate video viewer.  
    (this works on an iPad) 
    Let's 'tour' an existing SchoolWires classroom website ...  (5 min)

    Now let's take a look behind the scenes ...   8:10 minutes
    We'll look at the same teacher website we 'toured' above, 
    and perform some editing and formatting together.
    (Click here to watch this video on an iPad.)  

    When thinking about creating a website ...
    It's a great idea to take a look at some websites of colleagues at your grade level (within the district or outside) to see what others are providing to their students, parents and community.  If you hadn't considered all 3 of these components ...  Click this link to get a quick look into the minds of others (avatar others) exploring the ways in which they appreciate classroom websites. 
    After previewing the materials above, gather materials you would like to include on your new website. 
    Having your materials in one place can make it easier to think about how you'll want to organize them.  
    If you are moving information from an old website - sometimes images are not as portable as we would hope.  You may want to have alternative image options in mind.