• SchoolWires Resources 
    If you recently attended a SchoolWires information session - here are some resources to help refresh your memory, or move you to the 'next step'.
    How do most people get started? 
    Step 1   Most people start by using the Editor
                      to modify the pages in their provided SchoolWires template. 
    Step 2   Next, they often use the Summary tab
                      to remove or hide unwanted pages.
    Step 3      After making these initial changes, people usually
                      use their site - noting what works and what they
                      might want to add.
    Step 4   Finally, people often choose to add pages
                      (or design pages with specialized layouts or apps)
                      with specific tools to create a richer website experience
                      for their students and parents.

    Trying to decide what to include on your new website? 
    Here are a few thoughts on things students, parents and teachers appreciate from classroom websites.
    What are your options for pages, layouts and apps? 
    There are a variety of different page types, layouts and apps to help you personalize your site.

    Looking for the SchoolWires Basics? 
    To find out more about 
    School Wires Tools and Topics, 
    check out the resources below.
    Click to access ...    SchoolWires How To's - Part I (text-based)  
                                 More In Depth info about the SchoolWires Editor Tools
                                 Managing Viewability During the Editing Process
                                 Uploading files (individually or multiple) 
                                 Inserting files (clipart, photos, documents, etc.) 
                                 Navigating using the breadcrumb trail
                                 Understanding the workspace tabs
                                 Understanding and changing the page layout and apps
                                 Comfortability with Summary Tab/Page Actions/Organize Pages