Convex:Concave, by Elana Super, Gold Key A Meaningful Embrace by Colby Yee, Gold Key Cayla Weiss, Diamond Middle School "Boy" by Alex Teng, Diamond Middle School
Cassidy Teng, Diamond Middle School

Raindrops by Emma Kaftan-Luckerman, Silver Key
Forty Nine students form the Lexington Public Schools were recognized for their artistic excellence in the 2014 Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards. Student artwork from grades 7-12 were selected through their schools, and many recieved Honorable Mentions, Silver Keys or Gold Keys. Of the 49 students whose works were selected, 29 Honorable Mentions, 9 Silver Keys and 20 Gold Keys were awarded. Gold Key Winners will be on display at Boston's City Hall March 7 - March 30, 2014.

Following the close of the Massachusetts Regional exhibit, the selected Gold Key award winners from each national region will have their art works reviewed by a blue ribbon panel of judges at the National level in March. The National Jury will select "Gold Medal" National winners and call in their artwork to be exhibited in New York City during June. The National student awards ceremony will be held at Carnegie Hall in mid- June. Selected students will receive an invitation to this National event.

Congratulations to all students who participated!
Click on the link below for the list of winners.