• How to Apply for a General Education Slots:
    Children who have not attended EIP programming or other special education programming can apply to LCP as General Education Students. The enrollment schedule is as follows:
    • Parents apply for their child using the following form:  Letter and Application
    • Please send the completed application and check to :  LCP, Harrington School, 328 Lowell St, Lexington, MA 02420
    • You will be contacted when your application arrives at LCP.
    September-January- Lexington Children's Place will begin to accept applications for the following school year.
    • Group visits will be arranged as needed.
    • Acceptance letters and enrollment agreements will be sent on a rolling admissions basis. Acceptance decisions will be made following formal application. If an abundance of applications are received a lottery may be held.
    • Once acceptance letters/enrollment agreements have been sent, a slot will be saved and families will have 2 weeks in which to respond.  If you do not respond after 2 weeks, your slot may be offered to another family. 
    For Children with Special Education Needs:
    If your child has been determined to have special needs by Lexington Public Schools or your child is  in referral to determine special education eligibility, he or she may be eligible for a classroom program at LCP.  The LPS Team Meeting for your child will be the time that this programming recommendation will be made.  You will not need to apply to LCP .