image of young student using ipad
    Using iPads for centers work is a great option.  
    Here are some techniques that can help younger students stay on task, and access only the materials you intend.
    Enable Restrictions on each iPad to limit access to certain apps, functions or websites.
    In the video below - you will learn how to:
          Limit the websites available to your students
          Create an iPad website icon 
          Organize icons on the desktop for easy access 
    iPad Restrictions (9 min) 
    Guided Access 
    Guided Access allows you to limit iPad access
    to a single app - or certain areas of the screen
    when using a browser app. 
    In the video below - you will learn how to:
       Set-up Guided Access
       Create the proper access code
       Turn-on Guided Access within an app
       Adjust settings within Guided Access
       Turn-off Guided Access after the student-use session 
    Guided Access (7:42 min)