SMART Board 600 Series: Tips & Tricks


    • Þ   This is a board that uses pressure to determine where you are touching. It is also a single-touch board. It can only do one touch at a time.
    • Þ   Don’t rest your wrist on the board while writing on it, it will pick up that touch and not get the pen (see point above)
    • Þ   The four pens are really dummy pens. They don’t do anything explicitly, and the color sensor is based on the last pen/eraser picked up (i.e., if you pick up the red pen, and then pick up the eraser, and while holding both you try to use the pen, it will think you are using the eraser)
    • Þ   When calibrating, don’t try to jab the center of the crosshairs each time. The board is measuring where you release, not where you first touch, so a quick jab can easily miss. You’re best bet is touching somewhere else on the board and dragging your finger to the middle of the crosshairs and then releasing.