SMART LightRaise Projector 60wi: Tips & Tricks


  • Þ   This is a touch capable projector system. Like the SMART 800 series, it uses cameras (housed in the semi-circle attached to the wall), and can pick up multiple touches.
  • Þ   The cameras on the 60wi are VERY sensitive and will pick up not only loose clothing/jewelry, but also even your other fingers as you are writing and manipulating it. Therefore, writing with the pen is recommended.
  • Þ   When you are using the SMART Notebook software, it can sense two users, but one needs to use the pen and the other a finger (like the 800 series, it is based on the diameter of the object)
  • Þ   While in the SMART Notebook software, you can use the pen to click on a pen tool, and your finger to click on the eraser. Then as you are writing, you can use your finger to “wipe away” any mistakes (with no marker residue!!!)