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Preview is a software tool built right in to your Mac that allows you to view images and PDFs.  But that's not its biggest benefit!  The program also allows you to edit images and PDFs.

Here are some ideas for use:
 Sample  Effect / Set-up  Project Ideas
pug original pug blank and white
Adjust Image Color
You can use the temperature slider to adjust the color value of a photo.

Now and Then ...
Recent Photos can be made to look like sepia photos from the 'olden days'.
Newspaper Reporter ... 
Photos can be made greyscale - to mimic newspaper articles.
Photo with caption
Add Image Captions 
Captions can help make images more understandable - or turn them into PR vehicles.
This technique can also be used to 'fill out' PDF files. 
Posters ...
Label graphics ...
Captions ...
MEME's (see last row) 
PDF Highlights and Notes  
Annotate PDFs
Add Highlights and Notes
Add text to fill out forms.
Provide feedback to students on homework assignments.
Fill-out digital forms (district productivity tool).
arrow annotation circle annotation
Annotate Images
Capture screenshots, download images*, take photos - then modify them to add understanding.
Circle or add arrows to important points. 
*Please be aware of fair use issues. 
Create directions 
for students.
Highlight important features of images, diagrams, etc. 
 penny original size smaller penny
Adjust image size
Under the Tools menu, select Adjust Size
Reduce the size of your images to make your:
  • Word docs smaller
  • websites load faster
  • files easier to upload 
transparent background  
Erase the background color
Use Crop or Instant Alpha tools to remove  an image's background.
Remove unwanted background - to place an object in a new setting, or provide a cleanly outlined image for instruction (coin without a white square around it).
 Yoda meem poster
Caption Poster Creation
Create MEMEs with your students.
Although you can use - you can also create MEMEs using Preview. 

Caveat!  There is no 'undo' once you've saved.

Preview is not an image management application like iPhoto. The adjustments you make to images in Preview can be destructive. (In iPhoto, all your original images are retained no matter how many adjustments you make to images inside the application.)  However, with Preview, you will need to make a duplicate copy of the original image before you edit photos, or do a 'Save As' in order to retain the original after the adjustments are made.


Watch the video below to see how to resize an image (changing display size and file size) 
If you have trouble opening/viewing the video above - click this link:  Resize an Image 
Watch the video below to see how to take a screen shot, resize it and re-save it as a JPeg (.jpg) file. 
If you have trouble opening/viewing the video above - click this link:  Screenshots - Save as JPG and Resize 

Other Resources:

 • Transparent Backgrounds
 • Cropping Images
 • Adding Text to Images 
 • Change your view of a PDF (several view options explained)
 • Delete or rearrange PDF pages
 • Annotate PDFs (including add signature, highlight, add text)
 • Crop Images
 • Save PDFs directly to the cloud