• Homework Info

       The homework for Room 24 is sent home as a weekly packet. The homework is a way to reinforce and review topics that are being explored. It is also a great tool for communication between school and home. 

       Homework packets will go home on Monday afternoon and should be returned as a packet that Friday morning. If something needs to be turned in before Friday, I will make sure to note that on the packet or send a separate notice home. The weekly packet is meant to provide some flexibility with busy family schedules and to help develop time management and planning for students. 

       Homework always includes 15 minutes of reading per night and a review of current word wall words. These items are a constant, so if homework gets lost or misplaced and you are unable to contact me, you know to always include that as part of your nightly routine. The other items in a homework packet will usually cover a math game or concept we have learned, some phonics or word work activities, or Science and Social Studies. 

       Before the first homework packet is sent home, the students and I will practice together in class what homework time and the finished product should "look" like. We will brainstorm some ideas for good working places at home and how to best show quality work. We always write words and numbers in pencil and add color to any pictures. 

       On some occasions I may send home a Math Home Link or other activity in your child's folder that is separate from the packet. This is not part of the homework. I send these home if we had a great lesson or game that we want to share with you that same day. Sometimes the students will ask me to send home a game we learned in math or a poem we learned. I do not expect you do that and turn in. It is only meant as a sharing piece between home and school. It is your choice if you would like to try this at home. 

       It is always helpful to me to hear feedback. Please feel free to let me know the successes or challenges you are having with the homework.  My hope is that this is a positive experience for you and your child.  I appreciate all you do at home to support our love for learning! 

    Mrs. McBride