• I borrowed the following pages - to help round out your thoughts about what 'might' be included on your page.
    It's always best to start out small and let things build organically over time.
    (That way you won't 'bite off more than you can chew' - with regard to maintaining your site.)
       Welcome Page
       Schedule (Gym Day - sneakers, etc.)
       Expectations or classroom philosophy
       Dates to Remember?  Newsletter?  What's Happening ... 
    In talking with the teacher who added the following pages to her website ...
    She actually updates sections as needed - and no longer sends home an actual 'newsletter'. 
    Each week she emails the link to her site to parents - and lets them peruse the pieces that pertain to them.
    She might even note sections they should check out that she has recently updated.
    It's a thought - on maybe a quicker way to do the 'newsletter piece' (depends on YOUR OWN style).