• Grade 3 Links  (a Flex Page lets you organize links by curriculum area and format text; add images, etc.)
    Reading Activities
    Between the Lions  Visit this PBS site from the popular show to read a new story each week, followed by games that focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking. Many lists of recommended books and literacy tips are included. 
    The Bookhive  Find a great story to read, create your own booklist, take a Harry Potter quiz, or listen to a story at this award-winning site. 
    Math Practice
    Multiplication.com  Games and resources for teaching and learning multiplication facts. 
    Stretch-To-Go  Common Core Concept practice activities.  Tailored to student's needs per Fastt Math status.
    Social Studies Sites

    Colonial Kids  Find out about home, school, transportation, chores and Native American friends.

    Colonial Williamsburg: A Day in the Life  Visit the Day in the Life Online Activities. Virtually dress the people of that time period.

    Science (Food Chains and Food Webs)

    Biomes and Habitats   Click on an environment to find out about its animals and plants.

    The Food Chain   Information and a diagram.