6th Grade Art

  • Welcome to 6th Grade Art at Jonas Clarke! This year in art we are working toward learning:


    bubble and block lettering

    keeping a record of progress


    Pastel Gourd Drawing (Fall only)

    drawing from observation

    blending and shading with oil pastels

    making a pleasing composition


    Slab and Coil Clay Vessel

    creating a 3d clay vessel from flat slabs

    slipping and scoring to join clay

    rolling out even clay slabs and forming coils



    Cultural Connection: Mexican folk art of Alejibres (paper mache or carved wood animals)

    shaping paper mache 

    building an armature

    painting patterns and lines on a 3d surface

    varnishing with acrylic gloss medium


    Drawing the Human Eye

    the shapes of the human eye

    proportion and its importance in realism

    the uses for H-8B pencils


    Grid Portraits

    Using a grid to draw accurately

    Meet the Artist: Chuck Close

    Portraiture using a photo reference


    Nature Unit (Spring only)

    Observation drawing



Gourd Display