• Homework
    Students in the Lower DLP typically have homework given on Monday-Thursdays.  Usually, homework consists of a phonics/reading/spelling sheet and a math sheet.  Also, each night, students are expected to read for 10-15 each night and parents/guardians are asked to sign the reading log in the homework folder. 
    Students earn a sticker for completing and handing in their homework, and a sticker for each entry signed on their reading logs.  When their homework sticker charts are filled, they get to choose something from our 'treasure box'.  
    Also, students earn 'glass globs' while in learning groups for following directions, which they then count at the end of the group and if they have enough glass globs, they earn a sticker for their desk chart.  10 desk chart stickers for "hard work" equate to a 10-min computer turn on either ABCya.com or Starfall.com.
    Additionally, when students or adults are 'caught' being kind or helpful, they can earn a marble to add to our class Marble Jar.  When our Marble Jar fills up (usually twice a year), we have a party.  We will vote on what our party theme is as we get closer to filling the Marble Jar.  This is a very exciting time in our class!