• I have 3 EXPECTATIONS of my students:
    1.) COME TO CLASS 
    First, come with everything you need:
    • math book
    • pencil
    • eraser
    • paper
    • homework
    • agenda book
    Come ready to learn. 
    Help make our classroom a safe place to learn and make mistakes.
    All questions are welcome and all voices are heard.
    2.) DO THE WORK
    In class, take part in our conversations & complete the class work.
           Work together to further the learning of all students.
    Do the homework and check it when we review it in class.
    3.) ASK FOR HELP 
    No one can do this all alone.
    I am here to help, you peers are here to help. 
    I will continue to work with anyone so long as you keep on trying. 
    Ask questions.