• iMovie on the iPad   iMovie for the iPad

    iMovie allows you to combine video clips, photos and audio clips in a completed movie.  The iPad (or iOS) version differs slightly in its interface from the computer version.



    iMovie is a movie editing tool that allows you to combine video clips, audio clips, still images, voice over and transitions to create a single movie product.

    • Related Products:  iMove is also available for the computer.
    • Description of the app:  The touch-and-do interface allows the user to combine clips, edit them, add titles, transitions, voice-overs and others elements to tie components together in a professional-looking and seamless fashion.
    • Uses in the classroom:   Can be used to create support tutorials, instructional pieces to be viewed at home (via your website), instructional pieces to be used whole class or at centers, for student projects, and so much more.
    • What the iOS version looks like:  
       iMovie Interface     
    A Creation Note:  You can create an iMovie from existing clips you have recorded with the iPad video camera.  However, you can also record directly within the iMovie app.


    Description Watch Video:
    iMovie Primer Video - 16 minutes
    Covers inserting video, images and music.  Includes trimming and splitting clips, adjusting volume, voice-over, previewing and exporting as a movie.
    Watch the whole video - or view selected actions 
    using the timeline breakouts below:  


    Inserting video clips from the iPad Camera Roll, and navigating along the combined video


    Overview of editing features (trim clips, adjust volume, adjust speed, add titles/captions, adjust color effects)


    Split and trim a clip


    Detach and delete audio from clip


    Voice over existing clip (with audio removed)


    Transition between clips


    Trim clips, remove center section of a clip 


    Insert photos into your video, Ken Burns effect,
    re-order clips and photos in movie


    Add soundtrack (theme music, sound effects, recordings)


    Adjust volume on soundtrack, fade soundtrack at end


    Project and export options


    Export movie
          to Movie Theater FIRST,
          then Theater to Camera Roll


    Move video from iPad to computer using Google drive, DropBox or Simple Transfer (not demonstrated)

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